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A Chocolate Rabbit Tale
Listen closely,  there's a tale to tell
About chocolate rabbits that humans sell.
I'll  paint you a picture as clear as a bell
when you see the truth, you won't feel well.
It's the day before Easter at the candy store
Chocolate rabbits are piled from ceiling to floor.
They're trying to hide, scared to the core
They tremble and shake with each slam of the door.
They know the risk, they're filled with fright
Hoping to grow moldy, or stay out of sight.
Knowing they'll be eaten bite by bite
and merely a memory by Easter night.
"Please don't buy us", that is their prayer,
"We don't like being hurt,  it's not very fair.
We're harmless little rabbits  but you don't care
We know what you'll do, we're very aware."
Humans are cruel on Easter Day
They hurt chocolate rabbits in every way.
They poke and they fondle and force them to stay
Imprisoned in baskets on scratchy hay.
Are you listening my friends to my sad tale
The truth is harsh but always prevails.
Listen on Easter, you'll hear rabbits wail
As they're eaten alive, the young and the frail.
Can I count on you to stand up for their rights
Will you love and protect them with all of your might?
Do you pledge not to eat one, not even a bite
If you can say yes, then join in the fight. 
Let's make a difference, let's start a campaign
"Cannibalizing Chocolate Rabbits Is Insane."
They need to be cared for, treated humane
We have the power, we'll light the flame.
We'll end a tradition, just you and me,
Make a commitment, honor the plea.
"Walk the talk ", an example we'll be
Save Chocolate Rabbits, set them free.
Easter 1999
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