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The day after the tragedy of September 11th, the Lord gave me some insight into His incredible love and mercy on the United States of America.  Having been born and raised near the crash sight of Flight 93 in Somerset County, Western Pennsylvania, I was very familiar with the place the crash occurred.  The crash sight was near a very small one-street village named Shanksville off a barely two-lane road named Lamberstville Road.  In asking the Lord,
"Why would this crash ever occur here?", He highlighted the two names for me
.... SHANKsville and LAMBertsville.  The shank of the Lamb. Coincidence?  I think not!
The shank or the upper leg and thigh of the lamb is the muscular and meaty part of the lamb.  This was the main portion of the Passover meal.  I believe the Lord showed me how the full destruction of this atrocity passed over our
nation.  I also believe if that plane would have reached its full destination, possibly the White House or the Capitol, symbols of our freedom and democracy, the very fabric of our nation would have been torn.  However, the Lord would not allow the very heart of the nation to be harmed.  The
fullness that the enemy wished for was halted.   We were passed over.
Recently, the Lord has revealed more concerning the shank of the lamb.  In a vision, I saw Jesus standing very, very tall in the place where the World Trade Towers once stood.  He was facing towards the western regions of our country.  His back was towards the east.  On His right shoulder was a lamb that was slain.  I then saw Jesus holding this lamb super-imposed over a map of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.  Jesus stood at the site of the Towers, the lamb's head was over Washington, DC and the lamb's back legs and shank was over Western Pennsylvania.  Being that the lamb was on Jesus' shoulder, the lamb's guts were over New York City.  The Blood of the Lamb was
covering New York, DC and Western Pennsylvania while Jesus stood in the midst of the fierceness of the attack.
Still pressing in to what the Lord would be speaking to Western Pennsylvania, He revealed to me the struggle He had when Jacob would not release Him till he received his blessing. As they struggled all night, the Lord finally
touched Jacob's shank to debilitate this man who was so hungry to know His God he would not give up the struggle. Jacob did receive the revelation of His God but not without a struggle and not without having a limp for all his days.  I believe the Lord has shown me that the blessing will not come without a struggle.  The revival that the nation has longed for will not come without a night of prayer and it will be centered in Western PA.  Our God wants to bless us but how much do we want the blessing?  Are we willing to take God on?  Are we willing to not let Him escape us?  Are we willing to throw aside differences with our family, brothers and sisters in Christ, and go after this holy thing together? 
I believe with all my heart, soul and spirit that Western PA must become a focus of prayer. 
I believe with all my heart, soul and spirit that the long sought after revival will be birthed in Western PA and will flood a nation. 
I believe prayers for ministries in the Western PA area should flood heaven.  Ministries across the nation ought to seek God on how they may assist Western PA birth forth what God has purposed.
 I believe the anointed and prophetic across this nation should set their feet upon Western PA soil and proclaim the substance and meatiness of the Lamb will be revealed in manifest glory to this area and subsequently throughout the country.
Each one of them our guest
No matter what religion
Color faith or creed
We all are all united
From evil that you breed
You may kill our loved ones
Without a single thought
You can't destroy our nation
For freedom we have fought
America is strong now
With dignity and pride
Mountains hills and oceans
Our eagle flies worldwide.
The head of the lamb was bruised in this terrorist attack.  The guts were burned with fire in New York City.  But the shank of the lamb has been cooked with fire and is in the Western PA region waiting to be partaken.  When we eat it we must have our shoes and coat on ready to take a journey into places we never entered before in the realm of the Spirit of God.  We have truly never been this way before.
Pastor Brian G. Tunstall
  Cross of Christ Believer's Fellowship 
Ebensburg, PA