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My Father Was Calling My Name
 Though the day was a haze and my footsteps a maze
   I was sure I had heard Someone call.
 It was a sweet invitation to come sit a while
   and escape from the stress of it all.
 Then moments passed and He called me again.
   This time I replied,  "Lord, I'll come".
 So I turned off my mind and all thoughts of time
   and all worries of things not yet done.
 Then He said,  "My dear child I've been waiting for you,
   with your company I am enthralled.
 I treasure the time when you sit at My feet
   and worship Me with your all."
 So I basked in the glow of His undying love
   and the scent of Rose of Sharon filling the place.
 And I lifted my hands to worship and honor
   my Father's sweet heavenly face.
 Then I praised Him for Jesus, and the blood that flowed
   from the cross on that long-ago day.
 And I thanked Him for His mercy and grace toward me
   for the debt I could never repay.
 Then I closed my eyes to weep at His goodness
   and to marvel that His love's mine to claim.
 Just to think that He longs to spend time with me much that He'd call out my name.
 C2001 Sheila Gosney
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