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Looking Through God's Eyes
They say that God is everywhere protecting you and me,
They say that every move we make God watches and he sees.
I walked into my neighborhood to see what God had done,
To see what little kids were doing, how they were having fun.
At the first corner I saw a homeless family at a soup kitchen,
How could God be with these people, and with many others I do not 
I walked on and saw a little boy with no arms in a wheelchair,
How could God be so cruel, and not show this boy any love or care?
A school violence victim was next to cross my path,
How could God let this little girl fall into violence's wrath?
Lastly was a loner reading his Bible, while other kids passed him by,
How could God not give this boy any friends, why, God, oh why?
A thought struck me, and I stopped and looked around,
For these people were not lost, they were God's servants; they were 
I thought back to the soup kitchen, God was giving them food and a
I thought back to the handicapped boy, God was giving him peace and joy 
in his presence.
I thought back to the little girl, God kept her was safe and sound,
I thought back to the loner, God was helping him become heaven-bound.
If I look at the bad, that's all that I will I see,
We must look at it through God's eyes, 
Not through the eyes of you or me.
Author ~ Lane Nelson