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Artist is © Kayomi
Painting is called "Serenade"
Let Me Not Live A Life That's Free...
 Let me not live a life that's free
 From "the things" that draw
 me close to Thee
   For how can I ever hope to heal
 The wounds of others I do not feel
 If my eyes are dry and I never weep
 How do I know when the hurt is deep
 If my heart is cold and it never bleeds
 How can I tell what my brother needs
  For when my ears are deaf
 to the beggar's plea,
 And we close our eyes and refuse to see
 And we steel our hearts
 and harden our mind,
 And we count it a weakness
 whenever we're kind,
 We are no longer following
 The Father's Way
 Or seeking His guidance from
 day to day
 For, without "crosses to carry" and
 "burdens to bear,"
 We dance through a life that
 is frothy and fair,
 And "chasing the rainbow"
 we have no desire
 For "roads that are rough"
 and "realms that are higher"
 So spare me no heartache or
 sorrow, dear Lord,
 For the heart that is hurt reaps
 the richest reward,
 And God enters the heart that is
 broken with sorrow
 As He opens the door
 to a brighter tomorrow
    For only through tears can we recognize
 The suffering that lies in another's eyes.
 Author : Helen Steiner Rice
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