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As Christ died on the cross, some ask 'why'? Why did God turn his 
eyes from Jesus, his only Son?  Why did Jesus have to endure such
agonizing death, seemingly all alone?  Is it any wonder those words 
were spoken..."My God, My God, why have you forsaken me"?
As I see it...God is love; He is all perfect. Being such,  God  cannot look 
on or in the face of sin. Sin is so offensive to God that he simply cannot
lay his eyes on it. Therefore as Jesus hung on the cross and took on our 
sin; became sin itself; he became too grotesque, at that moment, for 
his Father to recognize or look upon.
The moment Jesus died for and with our sin, he was buried and descended
into hell. This, as I see it, is where Jesus was able, in the power of God,
to rid himself of all sin. In the power of Love and Forgiveness Jesus rose
from the chains of sin and death to pure, free, eternal life.  This being what 
the  Father had planned from the beginning. 
After his purification, Jesus was ascended into Heaven, to be seated at the 
right hand of God, to reign as one forever and ever.
As I am able to view our human aspect of this story...We are Gods' own 
sons and daughters whom He created in His image.  When we choose to have 
sin in our lives is when we travel our journeys seemingly alone. During the times
we choose to involve ourselves in sin and do not turn from it, we become 
unsightly to God. He is saddened by our choices to do that which separates
us from him.
Even though the Father cannot look upon us, in our sinful state, he sends
his angels to watch over us; to help guide us in the right direction. When
we are shown the error of our chosen way and decide to make a choice 
for good, is when God is most pleased.  This is when our blessings multiply
We are never without God. He is with us always. In whatever situation
we happen to be, we must come to understand God is there. In times of need 
we may call on him, along with the angels and saints, for help and guidance.
If, in our human form, we could only know we are working toward the divine.
The more we are in need, the closer we come to God through Christ.
The more we come to depend on God for our very existence...the more we 
are called to pray; the more we pray, the more we come into the realm of love. 
The more we love, the more we become love. 
The more we become love, the more we are like God.
To become divine, we become love.  This is when we become one with our
Creator God, and leave our earthly home for our heavenly home.
Author ~ (c) D. Taylor, February 2002 
With author's permission
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