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Dear Santa...
Snowflakes softly falling
  Upon your window play,
    Your blankets snug around you,
  into sleep you drift away.
 I bend to gently kiss you,
 when I see that on the floor
 There's a letter, neatly written
 I wonder who it's for.
 I quietly unfold it
    making sure you're still asleep,
      It's a Christmas list for Santa--
        one my heart will always keep.
It started just as always
  with the toys seen on TV,
   A new watch for your father
     and a winter coat for me
 But as my eyes read on
   I could see that deep inside
         There were many things you wished for
        that your loving heart would hide.
     You asked if your friend Molly
    could have another dad;
    It seems her father hits her
     and it makes you very sad.
  Then you asked dear Santa
      if the neighbors down the street
        Could find a job, that he might have
          some food, and clothes, and heat.
    You saw a family on the news
      whose house had blown away;
         "Dear Santa, send them just one thing:
         a place where they can stay."
        "And Santa, those four cookies that
        I left you for a treat,
        Could you take them to the children
         who have nothing else to eat?"
     "Do you know that little bear I have--
     the one I love so dear?
         I'm leaving it for you to take
     to Africa this year."
 "And as you fly your reindeer
     on this night of Jesus'' birth,
         Could your magic bring to everyone
        goodwill and peace on earth?"
         "There's one last thing before you go--
     so grateful I would be--
    If you'd smile at Baby Jesus
       in the manger by our tree."
    I pulled the letter close to me;
      I felt it melt my heart.
   Those tiny hands had written
       what no other could impart.
         "And a little child shall lead them,"
        was whispered in my ear
         As I watched you sleep on Christmas Eve
         while Santa Claus was here.