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My revelation today is a most amazing one. 
It is on Gods' perfection.
The world we have been given to reside in is perfect in all aspects. The most beautiful 
pictures are painted each and every day for all 
to enjoy. The only requirement is that we open our hearts to see and not just our eyes. With 
our eyes we see only the external. Seeing only the external, causes doubt, envy, hurt and 
sorrow. With our hearts we are able to perceive
the extraordinary. So it is with Gods' people.
In our human form we see only the outer layer. There we encounter the imperfections as they 
are drilled into us minute by minute, hour by 
hour, day by day. Over and over we are shown 
our imperfections.  I say we are not imperfect. 
We have been made in the image of the Father.
The Father is perfect...we, therefore, are perfect in God. Our perfection is within and when we 
let it shine through, we are able to project it to all with whom we are in contact each day. 
Humans put so much undo stress on ourselves 
by wondering and worrying about what others think or how they see us.  When we slow down and realize the external fades and leaves us 
all...we can know our perfection, as it is...
from the inside.  When we practice these thoughts of perfection in ourselves, we come
to appreciate ourselves for who and what we are.....
Gods' Perfect Creation!
    (c) D. Taylor, 10-16-01
 Used with Author's permission 
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